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Cool Cut

RRP $25.00 AUD Cool Cut by Sharad P Paul

ISBN # ISBN: 9780330451475

This is the story of three friends and begins with the author visiting a hair-dressing salon in Madras, (Cool Cut), where he learns and then narrates the story of those three friends who grew up flying kites on the river bank in their home town.

In the course of the story, which frequently employs quite poetic language, the three friends each have a very different experience with "cutting" - Kumar as a hairdresser, Raman when he is castrated by eunuchs and Lakshmi at a Carmelite Convent cut off from family. Unusual, and a little bloodthirsty at times the book nevertheless is something of a love story, both love of language (Tamil) and love between individuals and for a debut novel is quite impressive.

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